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Since its establishment in January 2011, Nanjing Ruige Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has wholeheartedly acted as an agent for the series of drilling rig products of Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. of Xugong Group. It relies on Xugong Foundation's technology to lead the manufacture of sophisticated products and its professional and efficient service team to win the trust of customers. It has been leading the trenchless industry for many years without intending to climb the peak, but it has already been standing high. Position. Nanjing Rigg will continue to cultivate the market, open up ideas and go up to the next level.

Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in March 2010. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xugong Group specializing in the development of pile machinery, trenchless machinery, mining machinery and energy exploration machinery. At present, it has many high-tech products, such as horizontal directional drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, tunnel boring machine, coal tunneling machine, shearer, continuous wall grab, double-wheel grooving machine, anchor drill, deep well drill, pipe jacking machine, core drill and so on. Since its inception, the market share of directional drilling rigs and rotary drilling rigs has continued to rise. The market share of directional drilling rigs and rotary drilling rigs has become the industry's first, and their products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

As the only large-scale construction machinery manufacturer in trenchless industry, Xugongji has the leading assembly line and debugging test bench for drilling rigs in China. The push-pull force covers 18 tons to 1360 tons, which can meet the needs of various trenchless construction.
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