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1. Digital instrument can automatically display the actual construction parameters such as torque, push-pull force and so on. It is easy to operate. Electronic sensor technology is sensitive and can timely feedback instantaneous overload and reliably protect the drilling rig.
2. Drill frame sliding depends on cylinder push and pull, combined with the structure of the front rocker arm, the adjustment of the angle of entry is simple, convenient and safe. The triple collision-free limit is used for the rear limit of the drill frame, which has high safety.
3. Dual-power system, any engine start can complete the whole operation of the drilling rig. Combining with the special multi-working condition speed control technology and multi-stage control technology of rotation and push-pull, the drilling rig has a wide range of applications. In the case of small aperture construction, one engine can be used to work with less fuel consumption and low construction cost.
4. Full-range floating vise, large unloading torque, convenient for casing construction; Patented technology can rotate the tiger teeth, to achieve automatic centering of drill pipe, reliable clamping.
5. Overload protection technology, drilling rig rotating torque, push-pull force and clamping force of vise can be adjusted, and digital voltage regulation technology is adopted. The adjustment is convenient, simple and can be accurately preset.
6. Many advanced control technologies such as closed hydraulic system and load sensitive control are adopted in rotating. The key hydraulic, electrical and transmission components are selected from internationally renowned products with reliable quality.
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